Business Agility: adaptation and people

Agilidad empresarial - Business Agility

Business agility: adaptation and people Agility is the ability to adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment. In the digital age, this means that organizations must be able to respond rapidly to customer needs and market trends. Agility is not just a software issue but a philosophy governing the entire organization’s culture and behavior. When […]

Do we really understand agility?

Entender la Agilidad - Understanding Agility

Understanding Agility The business world is changing rapidly. It’s no longer just about having the right product or service; it’s about having the right distinctive experience for the right user.      Agility in the business world seems to be a step forward. This concept appears to be a general understanding, but many companies are […]

Emerging results

Resultados emergentes

I observed that by reading the book La estrategia emergente, by Alejandro Salazar, I generated significant mental connections between agility, digital transformation and emerging results. Agility and IT have experimentation as a fundamental practice. Through experimentation, we seek new and better results to achieve the business objectives we set as an organization. After reflecting on […]

Diet with DevOps

Diet with DevOps

It is absolutely possible to practice DevOps without agility, this is true. However, such a strategy would be comparable to losing weight without considering making a lifestyle change that accompanies the process. Now, this isn’t to say it’s not feasible seeing as how bodies at their very core vary in differences in order to obtain […]

Delivering Value?

Delivering Value

DESK. 1 MEETING ROOM – 8 A.M. The team is gathered in a daily project meeting. While enjoying their drinks, they discuss some specific issues. When it’s time for the Product Owner to speak, he says: PRODUCT OWNER (Imposing) We are going to do everything we can to make sure that no recommendations come out […]

What we know and what we think we know

What we know and what we think we know

Every time we start a new project we try to understand what it entails. To accomplish this, we talk to people who know the ins and outs, we review the information and attend some meetings, in which, we clarify everything that is needed to define what we are going to do from beginning to end. […]

Apply Scrum in Latin America

Sobre Scrum Aplicado

I got to know Scrum very recently, in mid-2019, when, fortunately, I was invited to take a course with Jorge Abad. Since then, I have studied and learned under the guidance of Juan Andrés Ochoa, Felipe Mejía, and Jorge’s support in case of any doubt. Last year (2020), I was certified as a Scrum Master […]

The Value generation triangle

The Value generation triangle

Value flow, value proposition. The expression Value is ubiquitous. That is why I have been reflecting a little around it. We must design and deliver a great value proposition if we want better scenarios for our company or entrepreneurship. But this is not enough. I came to a slightly deeper construct: . The value generation […]

The Worst DevOps Flaw

El peor defecto de Devops The Worst DevOps Flaw

Would you help me? Falling in love with DevOps is easy when you understand it and its purpose. It happened to me, I confess, and because I got here, I’ll tell you even more: In the current context, I consider that software is one of the great facilitators or one of the great levers for […]

Extreme Programming, the underrated Agile Framework

XP el subvalorado Framework ágil, XP the underrated Agile Framework

Today Scrum is the king of agile Frameworks while XP is underrated The 14th agility status report says that 58% of the people that filled the survey use Scrum and only 1% use Extreme Programming –or XP. But XP also contributes to the creation of software. Let’s see: Main advantages of XP: XP focuses on […]