What we know and what we think we know

What we know and what we think we know

Every time we start a new project we try to understand what it entails. To accomplish this, we talk to people who know the ins and outs, we review the information and attend some meetings, in which, we clarify everything that is needed to define what we are going to do from beginning to end. […]

The Value generation triangle

The Value generation triangle

Value flow, value proposition. The expression Value is ubiquitous. That is why I have been reflecting a little around it. We must design and deliver a great value proposition if we want better scenarios for our company or entrepreneurship. But this is not enough. I came to a slightly deeper construct: . The value generation […]

The Worst DevOps Flaw

El peor defecto de Devops The Worst DevOps Flaw

Would you help me? Falling in love with DevOps is easy when you understand it and its purpose. It happened to me, I confess, and because I got here, I’ll tell you even more: In the current context, I consider that software is one of the great facilitators or one of the great levers for […]


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