Apply Scrum in Latin America

Sobre Scrum Aplicado

I got to know Scrum very recently, in mid-2019, when, fortunately, I was invited to take a course with Jorge Abad. Since then, I have studied and learned under the guidance of Juan Andrés Ochoa, Felipe Mejía, and Jorge’s support in case of any doubt. Last year (2020), I was certified as a Scrum Master […]

Extreme Programming, the underrated Agile Framework

XP el subvalorado Framework ágil, XP the underrated Agile Framework

Today Scrum is the king of agile Frameworks while XP is underrated The 14th agility status report says that 58% of the people that filled the survey use Scrum and only 1% use Extreme Programming –or XP. But XP also contributes to the creation of software. Let’s see: Main advantages of XP: XP focuses on […]

Scrum Guide 2017. Some reflections part I

ShuHaRi aplicado a la guía Scrum

More than a word of Japanese origin, ShuHaRi is a concept that refers to that learning path that every teacher must follow. Using the word teacher not for someone who teaches, but for someone who achieves true mastery of experience and knowledge. The deconstruction of the word results in each of the necessary stages before […]


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