Good Software Development in Latin America. Guest: Hernán Wilkinson
Juan Andrés Ochoa and Hernán Wilkinson discuss software development in Latin America in this episode of the Digital Evolution podcast.

🎙️ In a recent episode of the Digital Evolution podcast, Juan Andrés Ochoa, CEO of Castor, talked with Hernán Wilkinson of 10Pines. The discussion focused on the impact and definition of software development in both the business and personal spheres, emphasizing Latin America.

Highlights of the Conversation

Personal experiences and anecdotes: Hernán Wilkinson shared valuable experiences and anecdotes, including his presentation in Lima. These personal narratives serve as a bridge to explore deeper concepts in software development.

Software as a model of computable knowledge: The idea that software is not just a set of computer instructions but a model of expertise was explored. The discussion revolves around how software acts as a computable representation of problem domains from both technical and philosophical perspectives.

Importance of communication and collaboration in development teams: The dialogue highlights effective communication as a fundamental pillar in software development teams. It addresses how understanding and solving complex problems depend on effective collaboration and clear communication among team members.

Humanization of technology: The need to focus on the human aspect in the technological field is emphasized. The impact of software is considered not only in terms of technological advances but also in its influence on people and society.

Challenges and opportunities in Software Development in Latin America: The conversation also addresses the unique challenges and opportunities presented by software development in Latin America, considering the cultural, economic, and social differences that characterize the region.

This episode provides insight into software development in Latin America, offering valuable analysis and experiences. We invite you to listen to the full episode, share it with those who may be interested, and leave your comments.🎧

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