Are you and your business idea ready?
Juan Andrés Ochoa
Juan Andrés Ochoa
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Are you and your business idea ready?

Billions is an American political drama TV series created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

It narrates the business world through the activities of Chuck Rhoades –the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York– in his crusade against the millionaire Robert “Bobby” Axelrod –manager of the hedge fund Axe Capital.


Are you and your business idea ready?

By observing this conversation[1] , you can feel identified since, for those of us who are dedicated to the world of ideas, it is customary to think that what we are proposing is the best.

Are you and your business idea ready to go to market or seek investors?

Sometimes, out of illusion, emotion, or because we believe it is perfect, we do not stop reviewing our proposals.

So as not to end up saying: “My God, what am I doing?” I recommend a way of thinking, a group of methods and artifacts that could be very useful to test your projects: Design Thinking[2]. There is a special one within the artifacts: the elevator pitch, created by Philip B. Crosby in 1980.

The elevator pitch

I’ll give you an example: screenwriters take advantage of the visits of the great producers to the studios to sneak into the elevator and make them fall in love with their stories because the challenge here is to convince your interlocutors in the time that an elevator ride lasts.

The Elevator Pitch invites you to reach your customers with a short but very intense and compelling speech, leaving the message clear.
Involving customers is essential. And to do that, you need to have an outstanding value proposition, plus, by the way, you can also use the Value Proposition Canvas.

Value Proposition Canvas

If you already use these tools, you will know how useful they are in our daily work. If you know them and have not dared to experience them, give yourself the opportunity to do so.

Remember: having an open mind can help us to bring significant benefits to everything we do.


[1] Netflix, Billions, Season 2, Episode 5, Minute 49

[2] Design Thinking is a way to solve problems and design experiences for internal or external clients in a creative and people-based way.
People use Desing thinking because it perfectly complements digital transformation, innovation, agility, and product and service design. For more details, I invite you to visit:

The cover image was taken from: Netflix, Billions, Season 2, Episode 5, Minute 49

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