Business Agility: adaptation and people

Agilidad empresarial - Business Agility

Business agility: adaptation and people Agility is the ability to adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment. In the digital age, this means that organizations must be able to respond rapidly to customer needs and market trends. Agility is not just a software issue but a philosophy governing the entire organization’s culture and behavior. When […]

Do we really understand agility?

Entender la Agilidad - Understanding Agility

Understanding Agility The business world is changing rapidly. It’s no longer just about having the right product or service; it’s about having the right distinctive experience for the right user.      Agility in the business world seems to be a step forward. This concept appears to be a general understanding, but many companies are […]

Vehicles, Another breaking point?

Otro punto de quiebre - Another breaking point

Volvo announced in February that, starting in 2030, it will only sell electric cars and that it will also eliminate dealers to deal directly and online. According to Henrik Green[1], «There is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine«.   Could it be that combustion engine car technology has reached a tipping […]

The Worst DevOps Flaw

El peor defecto de Devops The Worst DevOps Flaw

Would you help me? Falling in love with DevOps is easy when you understand it and its purpose. It happened to me, I confess, and because I got here, I’ll tell you even more: In the current context, I consider that software is one of the great facilitators or one of the great levers for […]