Diet with DevOps
Felipe Mejía
Felipe Mejía
Director de Operaciones de Castor Certificados en ITIL, agilidad y gamification. Scrum Master PSM I Certified. Orientado al cambio, entusiasta de la lectura y aprender. Consciente que se aprende más enseñando y facilitando a los demás. El pensamiento ágil nos facilita mejorar siempre.
Diet with DevOps

It is absolutely possible to practice DevOps without agility, this is true.

However, such a strategy would be comparable to losing weight without considering making a lifestyle change that accompanies the process. Now, this isn’t to say it’s not feasible seeing as how bodies at their very core vary in differences in order to obtain this goal; some are more resistant than others, others require more nutritional discipline or even more exercise… Whatever the case, it is arguably true that it would usually take us more time and effort to achieve what is required, additionally, nothing can surely guarantee that our body is nutritionally balanced at all times. 

If you have ever implemented a diet, you will know that for it to succeed it is necessary to take all related aspects into account: diseases, motivations, routines, vices, fears, additionally, setting a goal, that is, to determine how far we want to go and draw out the path that will take us to the our desired finish line. This is nothing more and nothing less than setting out a strategy and including some practices that allow us to materialize it.

If we think about it, this is a good example about talking about DevOps.

DevOps is a practice that allows us to standardize a process to simplify the deployment of applications and seeks to automate it with as few errors as possible.  For its part, agility is a strategy that focuses more on people than on processes, which makes it supported by values that promote teamwork, self-organization and responsibility, thereby, focuses on balancing development with customer needs, and is open to changes. Understanding that they are part of the current dynamics of consumers, focusing on finding the best way to ensure the generation of value, even if sometimes it is necessary to rethink the path entirely.

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